Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thursday - Naomi's Village!

Naomi's Village
Thursday was a special day, as many members of the team had been looking forward to reuniting or meeting the children at Naomi’s Village in Maai Mahiu. Originally, this mission trip was slated for full devotion to serve the children here, along with the staff and the Mendonsa’s. As this day approached, I don’t think there was any doubt in the minds and hearts of the team that the hand of God was present during the planning stages to change the purpose of this mission from service to evangelism.   Nevertheless, it was a sweet day to be with and experience the fruit of many serving our Lord!
The children wait as we arrive.
As busy as Bob and Julie are, they dedicated a good portion of the day with us, through sharing their greater vision of NV, giving a tour of the place, explaining the difficulties of constructing such a place in the middle of Kenya, and also included some time for them to share their current struggles and desires. Our brother Matt and the team saw an opening to pray over the Mendonsa’s. 
Traditional Kenyan lunch at Naomi's Village

During the early part of the visit, the younger children were about, and some good time was spent getting to know each other in small groups around the kitchen tables. Several even got to hold little Naomi, a precious baby girl that was recently brought in from being abandoned.
Jake, Jessica, Heather & Brent play a game with the children.
Dmitry plays with the boys.
Ashley and Joshua
Sarah and Mercy

The afternoon was spent, kind of roaming around the place. Some spent more time in the nursery; some found some shade, and some found a football and basketball to have some friendly competition with each other. I will note, however, I made a basket (almost all net) from the top of the new water tower pedestal on the first try, even after Dan Potter almost denied me the ball! It was a funny moment, especially if you know how horrible I am at basketball, and what a difficult shot it was.
Heather and baby Naomi
Julie with baby Mary & JoJo
Sarah with Mary
Basketball court and workshop.
The water tank is hidden by the tree, but it's still quite a shot!

As one that has never been to NV, much less Africa, it was interesting to note the difference in how the children behaved and interacted in comparison to the children in the city. In the city, the children would almost flock to us, which provided a great means to spread the gospel. At NV, the children were aware we were there, but the starvation for attention was not. Praise God! What an awesome feeling to know, that although all have struggled, each of them know how much they are loved and that grace is extended to each!! It was a great time and all were sad to go as this marked the last day of our mission.
The children playing outside. 
Chai/Snack time outside around the fire pit.
Post written by Brent.